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The center is an institution where all the departments of the university offering undergraduate and post-graduate education regarding earth sciences conduct fundamental and practical researches, cooperate with national and foreign institutions and the industry, and undertake scientific and technologic activities towards the development of the country within the university or anywhere required.

The aim of the center is to;

Conduct any kind of studies in order to fullfil the duties given to the Higher Education Institutions as of the Article 12 of the Higher Education Law No: 2547 on behalf of the departments and divisions regarding earth sciences;

Arrange, encourage and coordinate fundamental and practical researches regarding earth sciences within the university, cooperate with the national and foreign similar institutions in this regard, arrange symposiums, congresses, conferences, seminars and courses, and publish scientific publications;

Develop and adapt modern scientific methods and technologies regarding earth sciences, seek solutions to Turkey’s problems regarding earth sciences via multi-discipline and multi-lateral approaches;

Contribute to the vocational training of the geologists working in various implementing institutions in Turkey;

Conduct studies for the improvement of the Turkish scientists and specialists regarding earth sciences in foreign countries;

Conduct studies in order to transfer the results of scientific researches regarding earth sciences to technology so that they can be used on behalf of the country and humanity, and cooperate with other relevant institutions and bodies in this regard;

Offering an exchange opportunity of the scientific and technical knowledge between the national and international research centers;

Conduct studies in order to develop the quality of the earth sciences education at all levels within the university, support the present education and training, cooperate and coordinate with all the relevant units within and outside the university in this regard.

Hacettepe University Earth Sciences Research and Application Center